To compile run:


To install, copy the binary to a location in your PATH


  Bviplus is designed to be as similar to vim as possible.
  Here are some basics:

  For this help dialogue:

  Command/Insert toggle
    ESC             Exit insert mode
    i               Insert before
    a               Insert after

    :e [filename]   Open 'filename' or newfile if none specified
    :e!             Reload current file discarding changes
    :q              Quit
    :q!             Quit without saving
    :qa             Quit all
    :qa!            Quit all without saving
    :w              Save
    :wa             Save all
    :wq             Save and quit
    :wqa            Save all and quit
    :w <name>       Save as <name>

  Movement in command mode:
    TAB KEY         Move between HEX/ASCII windows
    k               Move up
    j               Move down
    h               Move left
    l               Move right
    (Arrow keys also work)

  More movement:
    <number>G       Jump to address <number>
    :<number>       Jump to address <number>
    :0x<hex number> Jump to address <hex number>
    0               Move to beginning of line
    $               Move to end of line
    m<0-9,a-z,A-Z>  Set mark at cursor location
    `<0-9,a-z,A-Z>  Jump to mark
    PAGE_DOWN KEY   Page down
    PAGE_UP KEY     Page up
    /               Ascii search
    \               Hex search
    ?/              Reverse ascii search
    ?\              Reverse hex search
    n               Next search match
    N               Previous search match

    v               Toggle visual select mode
                    (ESC exits visual select mode)
    x               Delete byte or selection
    X               Delete previous byte
    r               Replace byte or selection
    R               Overwrite
    y               Yank byte or selection
    p               Paste after
    P               Paste before
    d               Delete to next motion
    u               Undo
    U               Redo

    Searching is \"non greedy\", meaning wildcards will match
    the least number of bytes possible

    /<pattern>               Ascii search
    \<pattern>               Hex search
    ?/<pattern>              Reverse ascii search
    ?\<pattern>              Reverse hex search
    Pattern options:
      \            Escape the next character (do not interpret as special char)
      .            Match any char/byte
      ?            Match the previous char/byte none or one times
      *            Match the previous char/byte none or more times
      +            Match the previous char/byte one or more times
      [<range>]    Match any of the chars/bytes in <range>
      [^<range>]   Match none of the chars/bytes in <range>
          Specify as list of characters or range with -
          ascii e.g. [abc] or [a-z]
          hex e.g. [04f53b] or [04-5h]

         Option               Arguments    Default   Alias      Effect
         ------               ---------    -------   -----      ------
    :set                                                        Show settings
    :set binary               <on|off>     off       bin        Binary display *
    :set little_endian        <on|off>     off       le         Little endian *
    :set grouping             <1-16>       1         grp        Set byte grouping *
    :set blob_grouping        <0-n>        0         blob       Highlight grouping
    :set blob_grouping_offset <0-n>        0         bloboff    Highligh offset
    :set columns              <1-n>        0         cols       Set the max cols
    :set search_hl            <on|off>     on        hl         Search highlighting
    :set search_immediate     <on|off>     on        si         Searching auto moves cursor to next match
    :set ignorecase           <on|off>     on        case       Case sensativ search
    :set max_match            <0-n>        256       mm         Maximum search match size (0=no limit, bigger=slower)

    >                Increase blob_grouping_offset
    <                Decrease blob_grouping_offset

    * Experimental, may cause display problems

  ESC ESC temporarily turns off search highlighting (until next search)

  Configuration file:
    bviplus will look for your configuration file in $HOME/.bviplusrc
    The configuration file may be used to set the defaul for any parameters which can be changed using the ':set' command
    The format for the configuration file is line separated <option> [= value], just as you would do with :set <option> [= value]
      # Comments begin with a '#' mark

  Running external programs on data sets:
    (First select 1 or more bytes using visual select)
    :ex <external program>                    Run the external program on the visual select data.
    :external <external program>              The program should be one which reads from
                                              stdin and writes to stdout.
                                              eg. ':ex md5sum'

    :bn             Next file

    :bp             Last file

    alt+<n>         Switch to <n>th open file",

    Record macros with:
      q<storage key><macro contents>q
    Play macros with:
      @<storage key>
    Valid storage keys are a-z
    If '@' is specified as the storage key when playing back a macro, the last macro played back is played again

Email: spacegctc@users.sourceforge.net

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